Still Standing in Cramahe...But Where?


Still Standing in Cramahe...But Where?

Still Standing in Cramahe....but where?

Hello Cramahe, every Saturday we will post a historical picture of a home, building or landmark that is still standing strong in our wonderful community.

Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to tell us where they are located!

Try to spot the Past picture, in the Present. Post answers in the comments section of our Facebook page or email us with your answer!

You can also submit photographs and stories from your family's experiences in and memories of Cramahe to Cramahe Past and Present by uploading @ Share your Story on Cramahe's Digital Archive site.  For more information click here.

Still Standing #1

This barn has been lovingly maintained and operated since 1905 by generations of the same farming family.  HINT: This magnificent landmark sits high on a hill between Castleton and Morganston!

Source: Castleton Women's Institute Scrapbook, Cramahe Digital Archives

Still Standing #2

“Fruit Houses” which held apples for local consumption were usually constructed of five wooden walls, one inside the other to give four air spaces for insulation.   HINT: From fruit for our bellies, to food for our souls.

Eileen Argyris. "How Firm a Foundation", Cramahe Digital Archives

Still Standing # 3

This beauty has had a face lift recently, but still remains a classic Gothic revival style. Home of Michael John Doyle, who was a Reeve in Cramahe Township  and a Warden of the County. HINT: Childhood home of Canada's 1st Female Conservative Senator

Source: Historical Atlas of Northumberland & Durham Counties Ontario 1978

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