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September 2018 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lorelyn Morgan (Chair)
Tony Davidson (Deputy Chair) Mayor Marc Coombs (Council Rep) Abigail Connell
Mary Corp
Ross Payne
Clair Breton
Ed Greenwood
Mary Norton (CEO)

to order by the Chair.

No disclosure of pecuniary interest made. Agenda for September meeting approved.

Moved: Abigail Connell Seconded: Marc Coombs Minutes from June meeting approved

Moved: Clair Breton Seconded: Tony Davidson



CRAMAHE TOWNSHIP LIBRARY BOARD MINUTES Wednesday September 19th 2018 - 7.15pm / Colborne Library

Treasurer’s Report: The Financial Statements for the library were presented up to the end of August. The Township Treasurer (Nicole Bihun) explained the Payroll question from last June. A new Township Treasurer is now in place (Arynn McNichol) and payroll appears in order. There were no untoward expenses in the summer months and a motion was put forward to accept the Treasurer’s Financial Statement.

Moved: Tony Davidson Seconded: Ed Greenwood Carried

Expansion/Renovation Update:- Peak Engineering had been selected (subject to approval by Council) as the contractor for the expansion. CEO requested that the Board formally recognise a sub-committee to handle the day-today decisions that would arise in relation to the expansion, a Library Board Renovation Committee. There would be 3 members, Library CEO, Library Chair and a Library Patron James Detenbeck, a retired professional builder/contractor.

Moved: Marc Coombs Seconded: Abigail Connell Carried

CEO reported that the three sub-committee members, along with the Township Manager of Operations Jeff Hoskins, met with Peak Engineering and their Architect to discuss the expansion (Barry Bryan Associates). On the basis of the meeting the architect would produce drawings for a follow-up meeting as early as possible– date to be decided. These drawings would depend on a legal survey from the Township and a visit with the Township’s Chief Building Official.



Personnel Issues – CEO reported that a satisfactory Performance Evaluation had been carried out on a member of staff in September and she requested that the board approve a Step Up on the Pay Equity Salary Grid from Step 1 to Step 2, to be backdated to July 1st 2018.

Moved: Tony Davidson Seconded: Ross Payne Carried

Castleton Library:- Library CEO again reported on flooding at Castleton Library. She pointed out that there had been 9 flooding events at the Town Hall Building in Castleton between 2014-2018. Mayor Coombs announced that the Operations Manager would be looking into this and would write a report for the new Council and repairs would be advised for the 2019 Township budget. CEO announced that a commissioned contractor would build a bespoke solid wood “bar” for more electronic device usage and seating in an identified location at Castleton, unless the Board felt that the price was too much, which they didn’t.

Any Other Business:- CEO asked advice on a “training” issue and pointed out that the Board had no direct policy on this. The Board discussion felt that this was an operational matter and any decisions on training should be made by the CEO.

Next meeting: Wednesday October 17th 2018
Meeting Adjourned: Moved: Clair Breton Seconded: Ed Greenwood Carried

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