Seniors Connect @ Cramahe Library  (Programming)


Seniors Connect @ Cramahe Library (Programming)

Programming for seniors!!  Click on the Blue Words for more information.

Gentle Yoga Classes (Mondays at 11am, Colborne Library)

Start November 14th, (until the end of June 2023 )

->  Chair Yoga  - Mondays @ 11am -- Colborne Library

-> Mat Yoga (with option to continue using chair) - Mondays @ 11:30am  -- Colborne Library

Gentle Yoga Classes ( Some Fridays at 11am, Colborne Library)

Activator Poles (For Loan)

Ask us at the front desk!

Activator Poles can be borred for 3 weeks at a time.  Includes carry-case and extra baskets for tips!

-> Income & Housing  & Elder Abuse - April 18th  11am at Colborne Library

Nutrition Workshops

-> Ask a Dietitian - Thursday, March 23rd @ 2pm (Colborne Library)

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