Photo Scavenger Hunt - Due Date Extended


Photo Scavenger Hunt - Due Date Extended

Looking for something to do this winter?  The Cramahe Library Photo Scavenger Hunt is the thing for you!  Take at least 3 pictures from the clues below and send it to the library at:   Due Date to be extended to April 30th, 2020

Your entries will then be voted on by other library patrons to determine the winner! This photo scavenger hunt clues are available below:

  • A Holiday Image
  • Snow Day
  • Feature Creature, Nice to Meet You!
  • Well "Red"
  • Sunlight? Starbright? Whatever it is, that's a bright light!
  • What a Wonderful World!

Rules for entry:

  1. All pictures must be taken by the entrant.
  2. There is NO age limit.
  3. Name and contact details must be included with submitted photos.
  4. Take one photo that represents each clue. You need to take pictures for at least 3 clues to be entered into this scavenger hunt.
  5. Please do not submit pictures in which you can easily identify a person.
  6. Hand in your photos by Tuesday, March 31st, 2020. Hand in your printed photos at the front desk in Colborne or Castleton, or email us your photos at
  7. Entries will be voted on by other library patrons to determine winner.
  8. Be creative and have fun!

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