Photo Challenge


Photo Challenge

Cramahe Library Photo Challenge:

Join our Photo Challenge:  Interpret each statement or question with a picture! It's like a photographic game of I Spy!

All you have to do to participate is post a photo in the comments of any of  our Facebook Photo Challenge posts or tag us on Instagram or Facebook with #cramlibphotofun .  Don't have Facebook or Instagram? No problem! Email us your photo and we will post it for you on our Facebook Page (anonymously or with your name, your choice!)!  

Contact us at with your pictures and any questions!

Try any (or all) of our Photo Challenges!

Photo Challenge # 1: What do you see out your window?

Photo Challenge # 2: Social Distancing Pets

Photo Challenge # 3: Read All About it!

Photo Challenge # 4: Out in the Garden

Photo Challenge # 5: In the Sky

Photo Challenge # 6: Picture of a Picture

Photo Challenge # 7: You Made That?!

Photo Challenge # 8: Book (or DVD) Spine Poetry

Photo Challenge # 9: Rain Rain Go Away...Actually it looks Pretty Cool Out Today!

Photo Challenge # 10:  Your Favourite Time of Day!

Photo Challenge # 11: Something That Flies

Photo Challenge #12: Something That Makes You Smile

Photo Challenge #13: Night Vision

Photo Challenge #14: Flower Power

Photo Challenge #15: Feature Creature, Nice to Meet You!

Photo Challenge #16: Sunlight? Starbright?  What's That Bright Light?!

Photo Challenge #17:  This Makes it Feel Like Summer!


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