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October 2018 Library Board Meeting Minutes

  • Wednesday October 17th - 7.15pm / Colborne Library

-  Lorelyn Morgan (Chair)

-  Mayor Marc Coombs (Council Rep)

-  Mary Corp

-  Ross Payne

-  Clair Breton

-  Ed Greenwood

-  Mary Norton (CEO)

Apologies: Tony Davidson; Abigail Connell -

Call to order by the Chair.

1. 2.

3. 4.



No disclosure of pecuniary interest made. Agenda for October meeting approved.

Moved: Ed Greenwood Seconded: Clair Breton Minutes from September meeting approved

Moved: Marc Coombs Seconded: Ed Greenwood



Library Board Membership: CEO reminded the library board that members that were interested and willing to renew their Library Board membership, they had to (re) apply in writing and CEO would enquire whether an email or a letter would suffice.

Treasurer’s Report: The September Financial Statements for the library were presented up to the board. No untoward expenditures were noted and a motion was put forward to accept the Treasurer’s Financial Statement.

Moved: Ed Greenwood Seconded: Mary Corp Carried

Expansion/Renovation Update:- Progress was being made. The Legal Survey had now been completed. The Library Board’s sub-committee had met with Peak Engineering and the Township’s Operations Manager and the final drawings were near completion. Certain costs had increased (concrete blocks required to build the walls of the new extension, according to code, given the completion of the legal survey) and savings would be found elsewhere. More news to follow as and when.

7. Library Website Re-design – CEO explained that the Adobe software used for the library website was going to lose it’s support in the coming months and William Seaton needed to re-design the website because of this. Having met and discussed this, CEO sought the Board’s approval for a re-design costing $3,360 in 2019. After the splendid job (at no charge to the library) that had been done the first time, the Library Board gave its full support for the upgrade for the library website and the costs expressed. A motion was put in place to approve the costs of the re-design of the library website:-

Moved: Ed Greenwood Seconded: Ross Payne Carried

Any Other Business: None
Next meeting: Wednesday November 21st 2018
Meeting Adjourned: Moved: Clair Breton Seconded: Marc Coombs Carried

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