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May 2018 Library Board Meeting Minutes


Wednesday May 16th  2018 - 7.15pm / Colborne Library

  • Lorelyn Morgan (Chair)
  • Tony Davidson (Deputy Chair)
  • Abigail Connell
  • Mary Corp
  • Ross Payne
  • Clair Breton
  • Mary Norton (CEO)
  • Apologies  Ed Greenwood, Mayor Marc Coombs

Call to order by the Chair.

  1. No disclosure of pecuniary interest made.

2.      Agenda for May meeting approved.

Moved:  Clair Breton             Seconded: Tony Davidson                       Carried

  1. Minutes from April meeting approved with corrections.

Moved:   Abigail Connell        Seconded:  Ed Greenwood                     Carried

  1. Treasurer’s Report:   The quarterly Financial Report for the Library was not yet available.   CEO reported no untoward expenditures had been incurred in April.
  1. A new Municipal legislative requirement related to elections, affecting local boards, including every library board in Ontario requires Library Boards to establish rules and procedures with respect to the use of board/library resources during a Municipal election campaign.  With that in mind the Cramahe Township Library Board hereby adopts the Cramahe Township Corporate Policy re Elections (Policy # Election 01).  However the library board must check that the Municipality’s policy includes references to the library, library board members and library staff.  On checking, the words:-  library resources, library board members and library staff have been inserted into the Township’s Corporate Policy re Elections (Policy # Elections 01) and on that basis the Board has put forward a motion to accept the Township’s Corporate Policy on Elections (Policy # Elections 01).

Moved:  Tony Davidson           Seconded Abigail Connell                       Carried

  1. Expansion/Renovation Update:-  No news as yet in relation to the tender advert for the expansion. As Northumberland County staff were also involved in this process it complicated the timeframe. CEO hoped to have good news on that for the next meeting.  In the meantime she brought forward a request to the Board to suspend “book sales” in the Firetruck Room and allow “FREE” distribution of weeded/donated books.  She pointed out that revenue generated in 2017 from book sales was $298.  Allowing free books would mean the clearance of many of the bookshelves in this space, with an eye to the renovation build.   There would still be plenty of non-fiction/donation books to clear out when the time came, this would just make the job a little easier. On reflection the Board agreed to suspend book sales for the foreseeable future, until the renovation/extension is complete.

Moved:     Tony Davidson        Seconded Abigail Connell                     Carried

Any other business:   CEO raised the issue of fundraising through a “quilt” donation from Salem Valley Quilters.   Various methods of taking advantage of this were discussed and would be thought about for the next meeting.

Next meeting:            Wednesday August 20th

Meeting Adjourned:   Moved:  Clair Breton      Seconded Ross Payne        Carried

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