March 2018 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday March 21st 2018 - 7.15pm / Castleton Library

  • Mayor Coombs (Council Rep)
  • Abigail Connell
  • Mary Corp
  • Mary Norton (CEO)
  • Lorelyn Morgan (Chair)
  • Apologies, Clair Breton, Ed Greenwood, Ross Payne, Tony Davidson

Call to order by the Chair.

  1. No disclosure of pecuniary interest made.
  2. Agenda for March meeting NOT approved as the Meeting had no quorum.
  3. Castleton Library Report .  On top of the successful Castleton Report presented by Sarah Toyne:-  Circulation was down 1%; but wifi combined with patron computer usage was up 7%; program attendance was also up………. the meeting discussed the possible impact on attendance at Castleton library, once the fibre internet has been installed.   A recognition that new space for wireless users would be needed, perhaps a “laptop bar” of some type, custom made to fit the area selected.  More thought will be given to this in the upcoming months.
  4. Statistics – deferred to April.
  5. Library Expansion update:  Announcement was made that Trillium had approved the Library Board’s Capital Grant Application for the maximum amount of $150,000.
  6. Any Other Business – none

Next Meeting:-   April 18th 2018 – at Colborne Library

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