Library Loans


Library Loans

The following is for quick reference only.  For the full library loan policy, please visit the policy page here.

Library Card Information

To borrow books, movies, tablets or eReaders from the Library, you must have a library card.  To get a library card, simply click here.  If you want to read the library card policy, click here.

Interlibrary Loan Information

For information and updates on interlibrary loans click here.

Loan Period

When borrowing a book from the library, you must use your library card.

Library loan periods are as follows:

Books: 3 weeks

Magazines: 1 week

DVDs: 1 week

Overdue Books

When a book is overdue, the following fines will be charged to your library account:

Books: $0.00 per library day

Magazines: $0.00 per library day

DVDs: $0.00 per library day

InterLibrary Loans: $1.00 per day

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