Check out the Internet with your Library Card and take it home!


Check out the Internet with your Library Card and take it home!

Did you know you can check-out WIFI Internet from the Library? All you need is your Library Card!

Cramahe Library was the lucky recipient of a Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group L.E.A.F grant at the end of 2021!  With the aim to 'Bridge the Digital Divide', Cramahe Library was able to purchase 10 Kajeet SmartSpots!

What is a Kajeet SmartSpot?

A  Kajeet SmartSpot®, is a portable Mi-Fi hotspot.  This small device can be taken home and used to connect to the internet! (please note the strength of the connection is based on the availability of the Bell Cellular Network in your area)

What you need to know:

Check out SmartSpot Terms of Use, Conditions, Privacy and Security

->Patrons ages 16 and older can check-out a SmartSpot for 2 weeks at a time

->Service is only available in Ontario. The connection is 3G or 4G/LTE and service will be dependent on the availability of the Bell Cellular Network in your area.

->Data is capped at 10GB per device per month. Once the cap is met, the SmartSpot will not connect to WIFI.

->We require a $10 deposit, which will be given back to you upon return of the SmartSpot.

Below are a few more tips and tricks for troubleshooting, renewals, returns and information on lost or damaged SmartSpots.

Tips and Troubleshooting

Please be sure to Read over the Quick Start Guide included in the package first.
Trouble turning on?  Hold the power button  down for a few seconds to turn on. If the device is asleep, lightly press the power button to wake the device.

Network strength can be seen on the status display screen. It is connected to the internet if you see 3G or 4G or LTE beside it.

No connection (red dot on the bars) or connected to the device but not the internet?

  • Restart by turning the power off and back on
  • Take the device outside while turning it on, or hold it close to a window (you can still use it wherever you want, once the connection is made.
  • "Forget" the network and reconnect to it
  • Ensure the device is charged
  • It's possible you have reached your data limit. Find the IMEI number in the Tips and Troubleshooting Guide and use it to check your usage at
  • Some sites and activities are unavailable due to data limits


The Library’s SmartSpots will be renewed at the discretion of the Librarian provided:

o   There is extra data in the data-pool for that month.

o   Your patron account is in good standing

o  The item is not on reserve for someone else

o   Overdue fines are $1 per day, up to a maximum of the device (currently $150)
--Renewal by telephone or email is permitted. (
--After the second renewal, you must bring the SmartSpot into the Library to renew.


You must return the SmartSpot Lending Kit to the front desk of Colborne or Castleton Branch during regular library hours.

o   You CANNOT return the SmartSpot to the drop-box as damage can occur.

o   Your $10 deposit will be returned to you, upon check-in of the device.

Lost or Damaged Devices

The borrower is responsible for any losses or damages to the SmartSpot Lending Kit that happen during their lending period. A borrower who loses or damages a SmartSpot shall be required to pay replacement costs (Kajeet SmartSpot Kit replacement cost: - currently $150)

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