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June 2018 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday June 16th 2018 - 7.15pm / Colborne Library

Tony Davidson (Deputy Chair)

Abigail Connell

Mary Corp

Ross Payne

Clair Breton

Ed Greenwood Mary Norton (CEO)

Apologies Mayor Marc Coombs, Lorelyn Morgan to order by the Chair.

No disclosure of pecuniary interest made. Agenda for June meeting approved.

Moved: Abigail Connell Seconded: Ed Greenwood Minutes from May meeting approved

Moved: Clair Breton Seconded: Ross Payne



CRAMAHE TOWNSHIP LIBRARY BOARD MINUTES Wednesday June 16th 2018 - 7.15pm / Colborne Library

Treasurer’s Report: The Financial Statements for the library were presented up to the end of April. It was agreed to defer approval of financial statements until the Township Treasurer could respond to questions in relation to payroll.

Moved: Tony Davidson Seconded: Ross Payne Carried CEO agreed to approach Township Treasurer and get an answer for the Board.

Prevention of Workplace Violence – Annual Policy review: CEO reported that she had had a meeting with staff on June 11th and safety risks were reviewed and discussed. CEO reported that an alarm button has now been placed at the Colborne Library Front Desk, which is directly wired to the police. The Policy document was read by the Board and signed as reviewed. No further changes required.

Expansion/Renovation Update:- CEO reported that the tender application had been advertised and two contractors had been on the “walk around” and now we had to wait and see who would

actually apply. CEO also discussed fundraising for a “wish list” of necessary items for around $20,000. The flyer for this was reviewed and suggestions for tweaking it came from the Board.

Performance Evaluations - CEO declared that she had carried out two satisfactory performance evaluations on two staff members and wished to have them moved up the next step on the Pay Equity Grid. A resolution was brought forward as follows:- Library Assistants Barb Heidendahl & Sarah Toyne, having had satisfactory Performance Evaluations carried out in June 2018, will move one step up on the Township Library 2018 Pay Equity Grid. This will commence on July 1st 2018 when they will receive the 2% increase approved by the Township from July 2018.

Moved: Ross Payne Seconded: Abigail Connell Carried

7. Digital Archives Scanner:- CEO reported that the scanner used for the Digital Archives for five years was now “dead”. It was critical to replace it as the Archive project could not continue otherwise. She informed the Board that, as this funding was not in the budget, she would take it from the $5,000 donation from CRH Co.

Any other business: None
Next meeting: Wednesday September 19th.
Meeting Adjourned: Moved: Clair Breton Seconded Abigail Connell Carried

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