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January 2019 Library Board Meeting Minutes

  • Wednesday January 16th 2019 - 7pm / Colborne Library

Lorelyn Morgan

-  Ed Van Egmond

-  Tony Davidson

-  Mary Corp

-  Clair Breton

-  Ed Greenwood

-  Gil McElroy

-  Bianka Van Egmond

-  Mary Norton (CEO)

Introduction of new members and Call to order by the (acting) Chair.

1. 2.




No disclosure of pecuniary interest made. Agenda for January 16th 2019 meeting approved.

Moved: Ed Greenwood Seconded: Lorelyn Morgan Carried

Appointment of new Library Board Chair: A motion was put forward to nominate Lorelyn Morgan as Library Board Chair for the new Library Board

Moved: Ed Greenwood Seconded: Clair Breton Carried The Chair took over conducting the Library Board Meeting

Minutes from December 12th meeting approved, as were the two In-Camera sessions from December 5th and December 12th.

Moved: Clair Breton Seconded: Ed Greenwood Carried

Treasurer’s Report: CEO presented a first draft of the 2018 Library Financial Statement and explained that the Township Treasurer had kept the books open until January 15th, so that an updated report would be available for the next meeting.

CEO discussed the Township Development Charge revenues earmarked for the Library Board and pointed out that the Township Treasurer would like a motion in relation to the $44,000 extra funding requested and approved from Cramahe Council and a motion was put forward to allocate the library portion of development charges solely and completely to the outstanding shortfall of $44,000 for the Colborne Library expansion project, until such time as the shortfall is erased.

Moved: Ed Greenwood Seconded: Tony Davidson Carried


The Treasurer’s report was (received??) accepted and filed.

Expansion Project Report:- The Library Board acknowledged Council’s approval of the extra funding required to continue the project. The three reports emailed by the CEO to Board Members on January 3rd (J. Hoskin’s Operations Report; Peak Engineering Price Confirmation & Peggy Malcolm’s report on Trillium) were discussed by the Board.. CEO is waiting to hear back from Peak Engineering on how to move forward now Council has approved the further funding.

The CEO then approached the issue of “fundraising” for the library expansion. The target was for $25,000 for specified library furniture. Ideas were discussed and the possibility of a “silent auction” was raised. This could be a physical event at a large community event such as Apple Blossom or perhaps an on-line silent auction. The idea of contacting Marshall Gummer’s Auction House for advice or assistance was raised and Bianka Von Egmond agreed to look into this possibility. Another idea brought forward was the possibility of the Lions Club having a “golf-day” for the library renovation. CEO said she would approach members and see what they thought of this idea.

Any Other Business:-


- CEO pointed out to the new Board that it was customary to hold a Library Board meeting in Castleton around this timeframe and Sarah Toyne usually presents the Board with a report on Castleton for the previous year. However, given the weather, it was agreed to postpone this Library Board meeting in Castleton until March.

The Library Chair announced to the Library Board that she and the previous Council Rep Marc Coombs had been carrying out the annual CEO Performance Evaluations. She wished to edit and review the Performance Evaluation process for the CEO, as it was something she and Marc had agreed on before he left. The Chair explained that she has a daughter working in HR and she would be able to advise on this. The Chair was looking for direction from the Board and asking if anyone else on the Board had an interest in doing it. The Board all agreed that they would be happy to have the Library Chair continue in this role and carry out the review and make changes as deemed necessary.

Next meeting: Wednesday February 19th 2019
Meeting Adjourned: Moved: Tony Davidson Seconded: Mary Corp Carried

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