Support for Home Learners


Support for Home Learners

Support for Home Learners of all Grade Levels!

Early/Elementary Learners

We are offering space on Wednesdays at Colborne Branch for Homeschooling Groups of up to 8 participants!  Schedule at time with us and let us know if you are looking for specific materials, for an easier learning experience!  Contact us for more info at or phone 905-355-3722 (during open hours)!

High School & Beyond

We know it's not easy  right now!  Don't forget we have free Wifi  available outside our buildings 24/7.  Printing, scanning and photocopy services are available during Colborne Branch open hours and you can pre-book a computer slot (1 hour limit)! If you need longer then 1 hour, talk to us about booking our Study Space!

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