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February 2019 Library Board Meeting Minutes

  • Wednesday February 20th 2019 - 7pm / Colborne Library
  • Lorelyn Morgan
  • Ed Van Egmond
  • Tony Davidson
  • Mary Corp
  • Ed Greenwood
  • Gil McElroy
  • Bianka Van Egmond
  • Mary Norton (CEO)
  • Apologies Clair Breton

Introduction of new members and Call to order by the (acting) Chair.

  1. No disclosure of pecuniary interest made.

2.      Agenda for February  2019 meeting approved.

Moved:  Ed Greenwood               Seconded:  Lorelyn Morgan                        Carried

  1. Minutes from January meeting approved with amendments.

Moved:   Tony Davidson               Seconded:  Ed Greenwood                         Carried

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  CEO reported that a few additions had been added to the Library`s 2019 budget, but that the majority of costs were out of the hands of the Board, i.e. increases in insurance and audit fees.  Council would be having a 2nd meeting on 2019 budgets very shortly and it was hoped that the Library`s budget would be approved at a 2.9% increase on the annual Township`s Levy, which our new Council Representative felt was reasonable.

CEO reported on her 2018 Unused Vacation-Lieu and Sick Time which was due to the additional workload re the library expansion – a matter of 34 hours.   She had chosen to carry forward two days vacation into 2019 and the rest paid out (20 hrs).   A resolution was passed to this affect.

Moved:  Tony Davidson                   Seconded:  Ed Greenwood                       Carried

  1. Health & Safety – CEO reported on a staff meeting held at the beginning of the month.  The acting Cramahe Fire Chief & Paramadic came to talk to staff about two issues (a) Fire evacuation and (b) Drug Overdoses in other libraries.  Fire Evacuation measures were discussed and it was pointed out to the Fire Chief that staff have never had a fire drill or training in the use of the fire extinguishers …… both of these issues would be addressed this year according to our Fire Chief. The 2nd issue “drug use & drug overdose” issues was discussed at length – whether it was appropriate for staff to intervene or simply dial 911.   CEO reported that she was attending a Tri-County Libraries meeting in a few weeks and that she would raise this issue and report back to the Board in March with other libraries experiences and measures to deal with this situation.
  1. Expansion Project Report:-   CEO reported that Trillium had been in touch in relation to when the expansion project would actually commence and expected the CEO to report back by the beginning of April.  CEO had already informed Trillium that the Trillium deadline would be breached – June 11th and that a small extension would need to be requested.  The issue of fundraising was continued. Bianka Van E. reported back on the possibilities for an electronic “silent auction”.- including a website called “    “, suggested by Marshall Gummer. Ideas on “storage” of donations was also discussed, as this would also be needed. Further investigations were needed to see if this would be a good way forward.
  1. 7.   Any Other Business:-  The Library Board Chair raised the issue of the CEO’s Performance Evaluation and suggested a sub “HR” committee be created to analyse the Performance Evaluation process for the Library’s CEO.  Members would need to have been on the Library Board in 2018.   Mary Corp,Tony Davidson and the Library Board Chair volunteered to be on this sub-committee.   A motion was put forward to create this sub-committee.

Moved:   Tony Davidson               Seconded:  Ed Greenwood                         Carried

Next meeting:            Wednesday March 20th   2019 – Castleton Library

Meeting Adjourned:   Moved:  Tony Davidson     Seconded:  Mary Corp              Carried

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