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December 2018 Library Board Meeting Minutes

  • CRAMAHE TOWNSHIP LIBRARY BOARD MINUTES Wednesday December 5thth - 7.15pm / Colborne Library

Lorelyn Morgan (Chair)

-  Mayor Marc Coombs (Council Rep)

-  Mary Corp

-  Ross Payne

-  Clair Breton

-  Ed Greenwood

-  Abigail Connell

-  Mary Norton (CEO)

Apologies: Tony Davidson;

Call to order by the Chair.

1. No disclosure of pecuniary interest made.
2. Agenda for December 6th meeting approved.

Moved: Ed Greenwood Seconded: Clair Breton 3. Minutes from October meeting approved

Moved: Marc Coombs Seconded: Ed Greenwood 4. Treasurer’s Report – 2019 Budget:

Carried Carried

A motion was made to continue the meeting in camera, to be closed to the public, pursuant to the public libraries act 1990, c. p.44 s. 16.1 (4), concerning a personal matter about identifiable individuals, including municipal or board employees.

Moved: Clair Breton Seconded: Mary Corp
A motion was made to continue as a meeting open to the public.

Moved: Marc Coombs Seconded: Ross Payne Following the In-Camera, a motion was then put forward as follows:-

That the CEO’s Draft 2019 Budget of $279,788 (plus an additional 2% for payroll), be accepted by the Board



Moved: Marc Coombs Seconded: Mary Corp


A 2nd motion was also put forward as follows:-

It is the policy of Cramahe Township Public Library Board that, Part-time Library Staff who have worked five years of continuous service, will be granted three weeks vacation in the year. This matter will be re-visited when the unionised employees of the Township reach their next settlement.

Moved: Ross Payne Seconded: Ed Greenwood Carried

Performance Evaluation Process for CEO: The Library Board recognised that the current evaluation process needed updating/revising and passed a motion that the successor Library Board, which hopefully would be in place for the first meeting of the New Year, January 16th 2019 in time for the first Board meeting of the year, should start the process. The current Library Board Chair pointed out that she had a daughter working at a senior level in HR and she would request help from her in the New Year, subject to re-appointment on the Board.

Moved: Ed Greenwood Seconded: Mary Corp Carried

Expansion/Renovation Update:- Progress was being made and an update would be given at the next library board meeting, the following week, December 12th

Any Other Business: None
Next meeting: Wednesday December 12th 2018

Meeting Adjourned: Moved: Clair Breton Seconded: Marc Coombs Carried

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