Chromebooks Available for Checkout With Your Library Card


Chromebooks Available for Checkout With Your Library Card

Cramahe Library now has Chromebooks available for loan!

Use from the comfort of your own home for work, school or play!

Connect to your own internet at home OR borrow with one of the Library's Kajeet SmartSpots and access internet from anywhere (In Ontario)!

This is possible thanks to the Commonwell L.E.A.F. Initiative Grant received by Cramahe Library from the Commonwell Insurance Company in 2021!

(please note we require that patrons have a library card and $20 refundable deposit to check out a Chromebook)

Read below for more information about our Chromebooks and our Terms of Use.

Lending Kit Includes:

· One (1) Chromebook

· One (1) Charging Cable

· One (1) Wall Charger

· One (1) Case   & One (1) Shoulder Strap

Terms of Use and Conditions for Chromebooks

o You must be 16 years of age or older to borrow a Chromebook, or have a parent/guardian take responsibility for the Chromebook loan.  The parent/guardian must have a patron card and sign the contract for the Chromebook.

o   You must present a valid library card and photo ID to borrow a Chromebook.

o   Your library account must be in good standing in order to borrow a Chromebook.  (You may not use a temporary card to check out a Chromebook)

o   One Chromebook per family can be borrowed

o   You may borrow the Chromebook for fourteen (14) days.

o  A $20 refundable deposit is required, which will be returned when the Chromebook is returned to the library with all of its’ component parts.

o   The borrower is responsible for any loss or damage to the device over the loan period.

o   Users may not add or remove apps, download any programs, or change the configuration in any way.

o   Files cannot be permanently saved to Chromebooks – Borrowers are responsible for saving files in an alternate way (e.g. cloud storage or USB drive).

o   The Library is not responsible for any liability, damages or expense resulting from use or misuse of a borrowed device, connection of the device to other electronic devices, or data loss resulting from use of device. The Library is not responsible for downloaded content on the device

o   Use of the Chromebook for illegal actionable, or criminal purposes, or to seek access to unauthorized areas of the internet is prohibited.

o   Any attempts to subvert restrictions of the device will be monitored and may lead to a warning, or suspension of borrowing privileges.

o   Once checked-out please keep Chromebooks at room temperature, and do not leave outside or in vehicles.

o   If the Chromebook is lost or damaged, contact the Library straight away.

o   Overdue Fines are $5 per day up to a maximum of the device ($800)

o   You CANNOT return the Chromebook to the drop-box as damage can occur.

o The Chromebook must be returned in the same condition it was borrowed.


The Library’s Chromebooks will be renewed at the discretion of the Librarian provided:

o The item is not on reserve for someone else

o Your patron account is in good standing

Renewal by telephone or email is permitted. (

After the second renewal, you must bring the Chromebook into the Library to renew.


You must return the Chromebook to the front desk of the Colborne or Castleton Branch during regular library hours.

o   You CANNOT return the Chromebook to the drop-box as damage can occur.

Privacy and Security:

Parents/guardians, not Cramahe Library, are responsible for their children’s access to the Chromebook’s and the internet.

Cramahe Library does not share any data related to users’ Chromebook/Internet activity. The Library assumes no responsibility for the security and privacy of on-line transactions, including credit card numbers, online banking information, and passwords.

Lost or Damaged Device:

The borrower is responsible for any losses or damages to the Chromebook that happen during their lending period. A borrower who loses or damages a Chromebook shall be required to pay replacement costs (Chromebook replacement cost: - currently $800)

We also have Kajeet SmartSpots available for Checkout  WIFI

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